On-Site Academies

The context changes as DVSC asks the age-old question, “My place, or yours?” 

With DVSC’s On-Site Academies, Delaware Valley Safety Council packs up and brings safety training directly to your location. We understand that sometimes it’s just more convenient to conduct safety training at your location as opposed to sending people to one of DVSC’s facilities. We now have a program in place to take care of those contingencies.

You might be pleasantly surprised to learn how cost effective our On-Site Academies can be. In addition, you won’t be getting a scaled-back version of what we do in house. We’ll provide the registration process, we’ll send one of our qualified trainers and administrative personnel to test and provide photo ID badges upon successful completion.

Since DVSC and its refinery members adopted the Basic Orientation Plus® (BOP) as its standardized, reciprocal training program through the Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils (ARSC) in 2001, DVSC has provided over 100,000 training units to contractors working in refineries and other manufacturing facilities in the greater Delaware Valley area.

On a national level, Basic Orientation Plus® (BOP) has proven to be an effective, standardized, reciprocal safety training orientation for the petrochemical industry nationwide. Standardization and reciprocity means that a worker trained in the Northeast is recognized as qualified anywhere across the country. Now DVSC is able bring BOP to you at your location.

Additionally, if you have specific safety training requirements beyond Basic Orientation Plus®, DVSC can source that training for you and quote it to be delivered at your location and in your timeframe.

To get more information, or to secure a quote, contact:

Brian McClafferty
Executive Director
Phone: 302-736-1986
Email: bmcclafferty@dvsconline.org