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Electrical Safety FAQs

Today’s Safety Daily Advisor Tip: In today's Advisor we focus on some frequently asked questions about electrical safety, with answers provided by OSHA. What causes electrical shocks? Electricity travels in closed circuits, normally through a conductor. But sometimes...

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How to Improve Temp Worker Safety

by Michael Grabell ProPublica, Dec. 27, 2013, 10:49 a.m. The federal government could easily track injuries suffered by temporary workers by adding a checkbox to a government form that already exists. Such a move would give regulators the data needed to justify...

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A Tongue-In-Cheek Nod To Holiday Safety…

  We just received an email from a close, but sometimes wayward, friend who related an experience to us that we felt was worth sharing. As we all know, it’s usually a very good thing to keep safety in mind as you go out to celebrate the season. Here’s his story…  ...

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OSHA Inspections: How to Handle Yourself

How you handle yourself during an OSHA inspection—and how you answer the inspector's questions—can have a big impact on the outcome. OSHA inspectors may suggest that they are just trying to "get the facts," but every question they ask is designed to get the evidence...

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