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7 Ways to Keep Workers Safe

The ultimate goal of employer-led health and safety initiatives is to incorporate safety into every aspect of the business.   When it comes to promoting worker safety, employers have a vested interest. U.S. employers spend more than $1 billion a week on workers’...

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Workers’ Memorial Day is April 28

Remember Those We've Lost, Pledge to Work Safely Preventable workplace deaths totaled 4,113 in 2020. Fatalities should never be the cost of doing business. In recognition of Workers' Memorial Day April 28, please join NSC in remembering those who have died in...

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How Effective Is Your Safety Program?

Learn how to transform your safety culture from contentment to involvement. While it is essential to have a safety program, it’s critical to transform culture from contentment to involvement. Several factors influence the need for manufacturing organizations to...

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8 Ways Wearables Can Help in Winter

Working outside in the cold doesn’t have to be as dangerous thanks to innovative new technologies. When robotics was first introduced into the late-1970s automotive industry, workers across all industries started to worry that their jobs were going to become...

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4 Benefits of Digitizing Lockout Tagout

How mobile connected worker solutions go beyond required documentation to create a safer workplace.Author: Robin Fleming Lockout tagout (LOTO) is viewed by many frontline workers as burdensome, inconvenient or production-slowing, but it is critical to any energy...

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Understanding the risk for pets in cold weather

Таисья Корчак/Getty Images When thinking about dogs in vehicles, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the risk of them overheating. But the other side of the coin can be problematic, too. Dogs can get hypothermia when their body temperature drops even one...

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