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12 Winter Holiday Safety Tips

Tis the season – to celebrate safely! This isn’t just the time of year that we eat more than usual, it’s also the time when we have the most household accidents and fires. To help make sure your holidays don’t go from merry to scary, remember these Twelve Holiday...

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4 Benefits of Digitizing Lockout Tagout

How mobile connected worker solutions go beyond required documentation to create a safer workplace.Author: Robin FlemingLockout tagout (LOTO) is viewed by many frontline workers as burdensome, inconvenient or production-slowing, but it is critical to any energy...

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Fast Five Roundtable, Sept. 15

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Is Safety Tech Ready for Prime Time?

Augmented reality offers a high-tech and safer way to train new workers coming into dangerous situations.As safety is a continuous journey, so is technology adoption. While there are several exciting and innovative technologies that enhance safety, there are still...

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