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4 Benefits of Digitizing Lockout Tagout

How mobile connected worker solutions go beyond required documentation to create a safer workplace.Author: Robin FlemingLockout tagout (LOTO) is viewed by many frontline workers as burdensome, inconvenient or production-slowing, but it is critical to any energy...

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Fast Five Roundtable, Sept. 15

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Is Safety Tech Ready for Prime Time?

Augmented reality offers a high-tech and safer way to train new workers coming into dangerous situations.As safety is a continuous journey, so is technology adoption. While there are several exciting and innovative technologies that enhance safety, there are still...

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7 Ways to Keep Workers Safe

The ultimate goal of employer-led health and safety initiatives is to incorporate safety into every aspect of the business.   When it comes to promoting worker safety, employers have a vested interest. U.S. employers spend more than $1 billion a week on workers’...

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