Safe Supervisor was designed to be an in-depth set of learning modules that equip supervisors with the core competencies of occupational safety and health for the Chemical, Construction, Energy, Engineering, Fire, Food, Government, Human Resources, Health, Medical, Municipal, Oil and Gas, Security, Shipyard, Transportation and Utility fields. The heart of the Safe Supervisor Program is the solid foundation built on learning to read and apply the OSHA safety and training requirements in 29 CFR 1910 and 1926. Each orientation involves face-to-face, hands-on learning, delivered by an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer in Construction and General Industry; and prepares the student to perform various duties in the safest possible manner. The course features daily quizzes, interactive classroom discussions, case studies and a comprehensive final exam. Upon successful completion, the student will receive a Safe Supervisor certificate that lists the training and its expiration date. Training may be verified by owners and contractors through the COSS secure online database, accessed at

What participants will learn

The Safe Supervisor course consists of Three 8-Hour Days, a total of 24 Hours. The Safe Supervisor Program is designed to enhance a supervisor’s understanding of the the pivotal role that frontline supervisors play in shaping the safety mindset in the workforce. By learning how to promote safety on a job site, Safe Supervisor graduates have the knowledge to help lower fatalities, near misses and OSHA citations.

Course Awareness Level Topics:
  • Description of how exposures to hazards can lead to accidents.
  • Performance of a worksite analysis.
  • Recognizing hazards.
  • Determining what potential effects an identified hazard may have.
  • Determining what the OSHA Code of Federal Regulations say regarding an identified hazard.
  • Determining how to control identified hazards.
  • Communicating hazard-related information to personnel in the field and in administrative positions.
  • Initiating an accident investigation.
  • Understanding some of the psychology that drives employees’ “unsafe” behaviors.

Safe Supervisor orientations do NOT replace contractors’ and owners’ specific training programs and do not authorize employees to do work. The employer must provide the employee with proper training for the specific job. Visit to learn more.

Discounts are available for active military and veterans. Click to Learn More.
  1. Military discounts are available for our Specialty Training Programs, such as COSS, COSM, and Safe Supervisor. Call to check for the availability of the military discount for other training programs offered by Delaware Valley Safety Council.
  2. Military discounts are available for anyone who is active military, a veteran or a member of the reserves.
  3. Proper military verification must be submitted with the registration, such as Form DD214 for veterans, or a military ID card for active service people and reserves.  A copy of this paperwork must be kept on file with student’s registration.
  4. The discount will be 15%, PROVIDED WE ARE DEFINITELY RUNNING THE CLASS WITH OUR 3-PERSON MINIMUM—3 students already registered at regular price—before we will register and offer the military discount.
  5. Payments must be made with a credit card; invoicing and payment plans for the program may be set up with the DVSC Controller.  Full payment is due one week prior to class start.
  6. The same late fees and cancellation fees apply.
Upcoming Course Dates
  • Dates TBD


Are there any prerequisites to COSS, COSM, and Safe Supervisor?

COSS requires individuals to have a high school diploma or equivalent. COSS is an academically rigorous course that requires nightly reading from a college textbook, daily quizzes, student presentations and a comprehensive written exam.

COSM requires a minimum of 2 years of safety, health and environmental work experience. Participants must complete required assignments in order to receive the final COSM certificate.

Safe Supervisor does not have any specific prerequisites.


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