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Brian McClafferty
Executive Director


Jeri Radio 
Associate Director


Lisa Iannuzzi 

856-422-DVSC (3872) ext.105

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Mr. McClafferty joined the Delaware Valley Safety Council in 2012, and has served as Executive Director from 2014 through the present. Brian recently became a member of the executive committee of ARSC. He has an extensive background in sales, marketing and strategic planning. Previously, Mr. McClafferty has lead record-setting sales teams; and in addition, he developed and taught business classes for the construction industry. He and his wife, Patrice, reside in Delaware where he functions as the DVSC chief executive officer from his home office.

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Jeri was hired by DVSC in 2008 as Administrator taking minutes for the monthly Board meetings and doing occasional paperwork. Over the years as the Council grew, she was promoted to Associate Director.

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Lisa Iannuzzi started working for DVSC in March of 2002 as a part-time Safety Coordinator. In September 2016, she became the council’s full-time Financial Administrator.

Alaina Onesti 
Marketing Administrator

856-422-DVSC (3872) ext.109

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Alaina joined DVSC in February 2018 as Marketing Administrator. Prior to joining the team, she worked with DVSC as a vendor for several years on multiple projects, including the Council’s website development. Alaina comes with more than 15 years experience in the marketing and web industry and is the driving force behind the Council’s advertising efforts. In her spare time, she volunteers with the Delaware County (PA) Civil Air Patrol Squadron 1007 and is a principal for the Annual Drexel Hill Veterans Day Fundraiser.

Jerry Dropcho 
Human Resources (Dropcho HR Management LLC)

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Jerry Dropcho has been engaged as the HR provider for the Delaware Valley Safety Council since September 2014. In that time, the organization has grown from two part-time employees to six full-time and six part-time employees and trainers. Employee relations issues have been successfully handled, an employee handbook and job descriptions have been developed, and several employees vital to the organization’s growth have been recruited.

Annette Hughes
Operations Supervisor

856-422-DVSC (3872) ext.103

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Annette has worked at the Delaware Valley Safety Council since it’s origin in 1995. She provides quality customer service , striving to meet the training needs of each of our customers.

Jess Bradford
Associate Operations Supervisor


Ellyse Stanton
Site Coordinator

856-422-DVSC (3872) ext.101

Jasmine Fuentes
DE CBT Lab Proctor


Read About Jess

Jess Bradford has been assisting customers at the Delaware Valley Safety Council since 2012. Whether a worker is a seasoned professional or new to the industry, she helps workers obtain the training required to go to work. Along with day to day customer service, Jess oversees operations at the Newark Delaware office, and develops the CBT training modules used at both locations.

Read About Ellyse

Ellyse Stanton has been working with the Delaware Valley Safety Council since 2012. Ellyse provides quality customer service to all of our customers, striving to meet their satisfaction.

Read About Jasmine

Jasmine Fuentes has been working with the Delaware Valley Safety Council since 2013. She helps provide customer service in the Delaware location along with monitoring all computer testing.

Kristina Radio
NJ CBT Lab Coordinator

856-422-DVSC (3872) ext.106

George Bell
NJ CBT Lab Proctor

856-422-DVSC (3872) ext.106

Al Mock

Read About Kristina

Kristina Radio went from being a helping hand occasionally, to now becoming a team member of the Delaware Valley Safety Council. She is one of the proctors who oversees and monitors computer testing.

Read About George

George Bell has had an extensive career in Public Utilities and takes pride in his work performance. George Bell has worked with the DVSC in various aspects of testing for 6 years and takes personal pride in helping others to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Read About Al

Al is a safety professional with 30+ years’ experience in all areas of safety management; including compliance, safety statistics/analysis, audits/inspections, training and record-keeping. As a consultant/trainer he has worked with various industries to use safety to motivate their employees to reduce accidents, lower costs, enhance productivity/morale and increase ROI. Al has been a “Basic Orientation Plus” (BOP) Safety instructor with ARSC/DVSC for over 10 years.

Bill Bates

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Bill Bates has been in the fire service for 31 years at Rowan College Gloucester County since 2001 teaching with the fire academy. He has been teaching the Basic Orientation Plus with the Delaware Valley Safety Council since 2008.

John Graff

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John Graff has been a part of the Delaware Valley Safety team for 12 years and has been a Basic Orientation Plus instructor ever since. His main goal is to promote safety through the working industry.

Jeff Reed

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Having benefited from over 30 years’ work experience at the Delaware City Power Station within the Delaware City Refinery, Jeff Reed is the Instructor at the Newark, Delaware training center. Through our partnership with TekSolv, Jeff has presented ARSC and BOP since 2012.

John George

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John George has served our country 4 years in the United States Air Force and is a retiree from South Jersey Gas Company after 38 years as Operations Manager, Safety Committee Member and administrator/Inspector Weld Test & Certification. John George earned his Master of Science in Strategic Leadership, from Neumann University, Aston, Pennsylvania as well as Welding Inspector Certification from American Welding Society (AWS). He has been teaching the Basic Orientation Plus for 12 years.

John Hoffman

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John Hoffman has been a fire and emergency services professional for more than 40 years. He has taught and promoted public safety including the use of fire extinguishers to the public and industry groups for nearly as long. A long time industrial and municipal fire chief, Mr. Hoffman’s experience in fire safety is diverse and his ability to deliver a quality program is unmatched.



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